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I’ve launched a Kickstarter!

Get your pixel portraits here! As part of Kickstarter’s Make 100 push, I’ve launched my very own pixel portrait commission project.

The Kickstarter runs until March 2nd, so pledge now!

Introducing the make something awful every day sticker pack for iOS 10


Do your iMessage conversations lack bad internet art? That no longer needs to be the case with the brand-spanking-new make something awful every day sticker app. Get it in the App Store today!

Celebrate National Coloring Book Day belatedly with this podcast coloring book!

Did you know yesterday was National Coloring Book Day? Neither did I until 7pm last night! It was good motivation to finish a beta version of this podcast coloring book I’ve been idly working on for awhile.

Featuring some your favorites and mine:

Download a black & white PDF for printing and coloring fast, before this whole adult coloring trend finally collapses in on itself.

make something awful every day: year one

make something awful every day: year one from Topher McCulloch on Vimeo.

Here’s the video wrap-up of year one of #msaed. If anyone out there is great with a synthesizer and would like to compose an original score, I would love you forever.

you blog me, I blog you, together we blog back and forth forever

I just wrapped up the first year of the Make Something Awful Every Day Project (#msaed), and I’ll soon be compiling a book and video to further document the project for myself and anyone else who might be interested. #msaed also sparked some random notice in the past few days that I’ve been geeking out about.