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Error when using custom functions or classes in WordPress block patterns registered via the patterns folder

Just a quick post since I lost an hour to this today and there wasn’t a lot of good results to save me from myself when Googling. I’m building my… Continue Reading →

Best WordPress Starter Themes for Developers with Gutenberg Support in 2022

Where does one start when developing a WordPress theme in 2022? Since I wrote last, WordPress has rolled out theme.json in 5.8 and Block Themes and Full-Site Editing (FSE) in… Continue Reading →

Best WordPress Starter Themes for Developers with Gutenberg Support in 2019

For years I’ve been starting WordPress theme development using barebones templates like Eddie Machado’s Bones, Todd Motto’s HTML5 Blank, or Automattic’s own Underscores. However, Bones hasn’t been updated in five… Continue Reading →

How to stop WordPress from asking for FTP connection information when using MAMP Pro

Ever tried to run a WordPress update when developing locally using MAMP and been met with this screen? This is usually due to file permission issues and WordPress being unable… Continue Reading →

Improving PHP code coloring in Dreamweaver CC

When Adobe updated Dreamweaver CC from 2015 to 2017 they completely rewrote the code coloring engine, bringing it into alignment with Brackets. This had the unfortunate side effect of obliterating… Continue Reading →

Exploring off canvas nav menus with Bootstrap

I’ve been stuck in the weeds figuring out navigation patterns for a major project at work, so I thought I’d quickly share some examples I’ve been referencing. The site Adventures in… Continue Reading →

Recommended permissions setting for WordPress in MAMP PRO

After unsuccessful googling for how to resolve the issue of WordPress asking for FTP credentials on local installations, I finally arrived at a set of working permissions for MAMP Pro… Continue Reading →