Best WordPress Starter Themes for Developers with Gutenberg Support in 2022

Where does one start when developing a WordPress theme in 2022? Since I wrote last, WordPress has rolled out theme.json in 5.8 and Block Themes and Full-Site Editing (FSE) in… Continue Reading →

Best WordPress Starter Themes for Developers with Gutenberg Support in 2021

I last wrote in 2019 about the state of play in WordPress boilerplate starter themes that are Gutenberg/Block Editor-friendly, but it’s time to revisit. My first three loves are still… Continue Reading →

2020 Electoral Map Coloring Page

Oh dear, here we go again. Download a blank printable PDF of the 2020 Electoral Map here.

New Pixel Emoji Stickers available on the App Store

I have a new sticker app out now for iOS devices. It’s pixels! It’s emoji! It’s pixel emoji! Download Pixel Emoji on the App Store now.

Best WordPress Starter Themes for Developers with Gutenberg Support in 2019

For years I’ve been starting WordPress theme development using barebones templates like Eddie Machado’s Bones, Todd Motto’s HTML5 Blank, or Automattic’s own Underscores. However, Bones hasn’t been updated in five… Continue Reading →

It’s #Pixeltober!

If you follow me on tumblr, twitter, instagram, or facebook (sorry, gotta get that cross-promotion mojo going since tumblr is dying), you’ll know I’ve been doing pixel portraits for #pixeltober…. Continue Reading →

Revisiting the Metaverse on Medium

Head over to Medium to check out my latest wherein I dive back into Neal Stephenson’s cyberpunk classic Snow Crash. And no matter how much science fiction tries to predict it,… Continue Reading →

How to stop WordPress from asking for FTP connection information when using MAMP Pro

Ever tried to run a WordPress update when developing locally using MAMP and been met with this screen? This is usually due to file permission issues and WordPress being unable… Continue Reading →

More on the saga of “but first, coffee”

I’m late in sharing this, but last December Sprudge published an excellent article looking at the history of “but first, coffee” (and my part of it). Highlights for me were… Continue Reading →

I’ve launched a Kickstarter!

Get your pixel portraits here! As part of Kickstarter’s Make 100 push, I’ve launched my very own pixel portrait commission project.   The Kickstarter runs until March 2nd, so pledge… Continue Reading →