Today’s Lineup is out now!

Today’s Lineup, the little league team management iOS app for iPad & iPhone that I’ve been working on since late last summer, is now available for download on the App… Continue Reading →

The Bond Group is hiring!

My firm is looking for a designer with feet both in the web and print worlds. A candidate in this role will work on a range of projects from brand… Continue Reading →

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet

My brother-in-law and I are trying to raise funds for a great card game he developed for his and my sister’s wedding last October. Support us on Kickstarter!

Introducing… BodyShuffle!

For the past few months I’ve been working on a fun little photo editing app side project, and now I’m happy to announce that BodyShuffle! is available for download in… Continue Reading →

Chicago IRL #4 has gone to print!

We are that much closer to wrapping issue 4 of @chicagoirl. Sent out for the first batch today, to debut the 13th!, a photo by mugwumpian on Flickr. After several… Continue Reading →

I’m now an associate of UrbanTheater Company

Following my work on Beauty of the Father, I was asked by UrbanTheater to become their associate graphic designer going forward. I’m thrilled and honored to be working with such… Continue Reading →

Welcome to my new portfolio site!

I am working my way through the creation of a new portfolio site for your joy and wonderment. Check back soon for more projects, or subscribe to the RSS to… Continue Reading →

Things you should buy!

The first issue of Chicago IRL is available for purchase now! I’ve been working on putting this together for several months now, and I think the final product is pretty… Continue Reading →

make something awful every day: year one

make something awful every day: year one from Topher McCulloch on Vimeo. Here’s the video wrap-up of year one of #msaed. If anyone out there is great with a synthesizer… Continue Reading →

you blog me, I blog you, together we blog back and forth forever

I just wrapped up the first year of the Make Something Awful Every Day Project (#msaed), and I’ll soon be compiling a book and video to further document the project… Continue Reading →